Founded on September 1st, 1988, China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC) is a nationwide and industrial non-profit social organization formed voluntarily by units registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China according to law and engaged in economic activities in regard to metals & minerals and related products, non-metallic minerals and related products, hardware products, building materials products, petroleum and related products, chemical raw materials and related products, as well as the upstream and downstream industrial chains in the above-mentioned fields.

Metals, minerals & chemicals import and export constitutes an essential part of China’s foreign trade. The annual import and export value of this industry accounts for about 30% of the country’s total import and export value, of which imports account for around 40% and exports account for around 20%. CCCMC members are comprised of a great number of large-scale and small & medium-sized enterprises in the industry, with a strong industry representation.

According to the Articles of Association of CCCMC, the business scope of CCCMC is:

(1) to publicize and act according to the laws, regulations, principles and policies of China’s economy and trade, and guide and supervise the law-abiding operation of its members.

(2)to study the economic and trade situation and development of the industry, bring up to the government the situation, opinions and demands of the industry and its members, and provide advice and suggestions for the government to make relevant policies.

(3)to coordinate the economic activities of enterprises in the industry, mediate and resolve relevant disputes between members, and promote self-discipline in the industry; to maintain the order of economic and foreign trade operation in the industry, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the industry and its members.

(4) to collect, study and exchange economic information and the related economic information of the industry, and provide information consulting services for members.

(5) to organize members in responding to anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard and anti-trust investigations, and investigations on intellectual property rights, initiated by foreign countries; to deal with foreign trade barriers concerning environment, safety, social responsibility, technical standards and so on; to collect information on unfair competition of foreign-related commodities in China and report to relevant government departments.

(6) to carry out industry supervision, inspection, examination and other related work with the approval of relevant government departments; to undertake the formulation and revision of relevant standards in the industry and other work by the authorization of relevant government departments.

(7) to carry out contacts and exchanges with its international counterparts as well as international commodity organizations, and to establish business cooperation relations with them; in accordance with the relevant provisions of the China, represent the industry to join international commodity organizations and attend relevant international professional conferences.

(8) to sponsor or organize members to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions and seminars as entrusted by the government or in light of the demand of market and industry development, and to organize members to carry out publicity, market research, trade negotiations, economic and technological exchanges, training and other activities.

(9) to perform other duties authorized by the competent department of commerce of China or pursuant to the common requirements of the members. Matters in the scope of business that are subject to approval by laws, regulations and rules, shall be carried out after approval in accordance with the law.