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The Statement by CCCMC on EU’s initiation of Anti-dumping Investigation Against New and Retreaded Tyres for Buses or Lorries Originating in China

Source:CCCMC Published:2017-08-16 Editor:

On August 11th, 2017, European Commission initiated an anti-dumping investigation against new and retreaded tyres for buses or lorries originating in China. CCCMC strongly oppose the investigation. CCCMC believes:


The complaint is a misrepresentation of the status quo of Chinese tyre industry’s export to the European Union. Once EU adopts anti-dumping measures against Chinese products, EU consumers’ cost of automobile repairs will increase and their interests will be harmed. Furthermore, the recovery of EU’s automobile industry will be hindered. And, finally the Sino-EU bilateral trade relationship will be undermined. China’s tyre industry will be united and actively respond to the investigation.


China’s tyre products mainly meet the demand of domestic market and other export markets. The tyre products concerned are mainly exported to North America and the Middle East. In February 2017, the United States has terminated the anti-dumping and countervailing investigations against China’s truck and bus tyres. In 2016, China’s export of tyres for buses and lorries to the U.K. only ranks 16th among the countries that import the products concerned from China around the world, while U.K. is the country that import the products concerned in the largest quantities from China among the countries in EU. However, it is going to exit the EU. Chinese tyres products and EU’s tyres products are complementary and aimed at different market segments. Therefore, the Chinese tyre industry will not hurt the EU tyre industry and affect the EU market.


CCCMC hopes the European Union strictly adheres to the rules and obligations of the World Trade Organization, and conducts the investigation in a just and fair manner. If our tyre industry finds EU practices violate the WTO rules, we will report to the competent department of the Chinese government and ask the Chinese government to bring the case to WTO.



China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC)

August 11, 2017