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China tire industry lodges strong representations to US Department of Commerce against the high AD/CVD duties on China’s truck and bus tires

Source:CCCMC Published:2017-02-07 Editor:

On Jan. 24th, 2017(local time), US Department of Commerce (DOC) released the final determination on the AD/CVD investigation against China’s truck and bus tires. The anti-dumping duties were 9% and 22.57%, and the countervailing duty ranges from 38.61% to 65.46%.

During the investigation, the US DOC ignored the active cooperation of the Chinese government and companies on the export buyers’ credit issue, refused to adopt the submitted materials based on the facts, deliberately adopted unfavorable facts against Chinese companies, and ruled on punitive duties. Besides, the US DOC refused to give separate duties to several state-owned holding companies, recognized the involved raw materials suppliers as public institutions, regarded the normal commercial intercourse between the companies as subsidization, and conducted investigations on the appropriated subsidies without going through formal filing procedure and applied adverse facts available.

China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC) and China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA) have made strong representations against the final determination on behalf of the Chinese tire industry.


The relevant evidence in this case suggests that US domestic truck and bus tires industry is operating very well with relatively high profit. However, the labor union in the United States ignored the facts, and obstinately filed the AD/CVD investigation petition. The US petitioner abused the relevant laws to take trade protection activities against Chinese products in an attempt to prevent the fair competition of Chinese products in the US market. The United States has once taken special safeguard measures against China passenger vehicle and light truck tires in 2009, and taken AD/CVD measures against the same products in 2015, to the detriment of the Sino-US trade relationship. It is proven that the abovementioned measures taken by the United States have not brought substantive interest to the US tire industry. Restricting free trade and market competition with trade protectionist measures does harm to others without benefiting US itself, and de facto harms the interest of US consumers. During the period of investigation, all the economic indexes of the US tire industry have been performing well, the US products and Chinese tires exported to the United States do not compete in the same market, and thus the US tire industry is not injured by the Chinese tires.

The Chinese side will continue to follow the progress of the investigation, and will do its utmost to do the injury defense for the final determination of US International Trade Commission, and call for the Chinese government to take countermeasures against the United States to protect the legitimate interests of the Chinese industry and companies.


China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC)

and China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA)


Jan. 25, 2017