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CCCMC Vice Chairman Jiang Hui meets with cooperative partners in Geneva

Source:CCCMC Published:2018-12-07 Editor:

CCCMC Vice Chairman Jiang Hui meets with Mr. Jacques Pellet, special envoy of the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) and Mr. Yury Korobovsky from the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces(DCAF), discussing possible cooperation in providing capability building instruments and training for Chinese enterprises

Jiang Hui meets with International Council on Mining and Metals(ICMM) President Tom Bulter

Jiang Hui has talks with experts on human rights during the forum

Jiang Hui has talks with representatives from such multinationals as Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone on natural rubber sustainable development standard and supply chain building at the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)

Jiang Hui talks with the team of sustainable development center of Chile’s Valparaiso University on carrying out social responsibility survey and capability enhancement programs in Latin America