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CCCMC Vice Chairman Liu Zhonghui goes to Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. for field research

Source:CCCMC Published:2019-07-15 Editor:

From July 10 to 11, 2019, CCCMC Vice Chairman Liu Zhonghui went to Gansu Jinchang Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. to conduct field research. He also held a symposium with Zhou Min, Deputy General Manager of the Group, Jiang Guosheng, General Manager of the Group Marketing Department, and Chang Quanzhong, General Manager of the New Materials Company. Sun Lihui, Director of CCCMC Development Department, accompanied Vice Chairman Liu.


Accompanied by General Manager Chang Quanzhong of Jinchuan New Materials Company and relevant comrades in the Group Office, Vice Chairman Liu Zhonghui inspected Longshou Mine and No. 3 Mine, mine reclamation project, nickel smelter, copper smelter, new materials plant and water treatment plant of Jinchuan Group successively. He had a detailed understanding of the production process, technology and operation of the nickel, copper, cobalt and other rare and precious metals of Jinchuan Group.


At the symposium, Vice Chairman Liu Zhonghui briefly introduced the key work of CCCMC in recent years, and analyzed the progress and trend of Sino-US economic and trade frictions. General Manager Chang Quanzhong thanked CCCMC for its active efforts to safeguard the interests of Chinese cobalt supply chain enterprises in recent years, and put forward enterprise demands on pricing mechanism and rule-making of cobalt industry, hoping to get strong support from CCCMC. Zhou Min, Deputy General Manager of the Group, reviewed the practical services provided by CCCMC in coordinating and filing copper concentrate imports over the years. He hoped that the self-discipline and coordination of the copper smelting industry would continue to be strengthened.


This field research focuses on the direct or indirect impact of supply chain compliance management, raw materials guarantee, production and operation, products export, etc. under the background of Sino-US economic and trade frictions, and in-depth exchanges on how to give full play to the role of industry organization, safeguarding the interests of enterprises and using coping strategies. In this field research, the task is clear, the time schedule is compact, and the established task is completed efficiently.