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CCCMC and London Metal Exchange hold a workshop on responsible mineral supply chains in Shanghai

Source:CCCMC Published:2019-05-28 Editor:
On May 20, 2019, CCCMC and London Metal Exchange (LME) co-hosted the Workshop on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains in Shanghai, inviting more than 50 representatives of Chinese smelting and processing enterprises in the industries of copper, aluminum, cobalt, lead, zinc, tin and nickel to attend the workshop.
Mr. Sun Lihui, Director of the Development Department of CCCMC, made a comprehensive presentation on the international rules of mineral supply chains, important concepts of the mineral supply chains, and the role and influence of China.

Mr. Hugo Brodie from the President’s office of LME, gave a detailed introduction to and explanation of the Responsible Sourcing Position Paper formulated by LME.

The enterprise representatives present raised questions about the definition and scope of conflict areas, the differential treatment between artisanal and industrial mining, the difficulty of traceability, and the compliance schedule.
In June 2018, the LME drafted the Paper and consulted CCCMC. CCCMC collected and sorted out the in-depth comments of the relevant Chinese enterprises and provided LME with the written feedback, most of which are adopted and incorporated into the revised draft.
The Shanghai workshop was held as a market consultation of LME for its official launch of the Responsible Sourcing Position Paper in Greater China, with the deadline of 30 June 2019.