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CCCMC organizes some members to visit Lenovo Group

Source:CCCMC Published:2018-11-01 Editor:XRR

On Oct.30th, 2018, CCCMC organized representatives from a few member companies to visit Lenovo Group for research. CCCMC Vice Chairman Jiang Hui and Vice Chairman Liu Zhonghui led the visiting group comprised of deputy general manager Li Zonghuai of China National Materials Industry Import & Export Corporation, manager Zhao Haiyan of Sinoagri Holding Co., Limited, manager Yang Yanming of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation and some staff members of CCCMC.


Lenovo Group Global IT system technology consultant and Cloud business director introduced their experience in the management of information system on Lenovo’s way toward internationalization and information system management cases against the backdrop of the Belt & Road Initiative.


The visiting group also met with senior leaders of the Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group who shared their values and experience in business management, global business development and IT application. Lenovo hopes to assist CCCMC members in developing international market.


Vice Chairman Jiang Hui hopes Lenovo’s technology can help CCCMC provide better services for its members.


Lenovo’s annual turnover is nearly 50 billion USD, ranking 202 among the world’s Top 500 enterprises.