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CCCMC Vice Chairwoman Li Xiaoni attends ICCTA council meeting and NACD annual meeting

Source: Published:2013-11-26 Editor:

CCCMC Vice Chairwoman Li Xiaoni attended the 2013 executive committee conference of International Council of Chemical Trade Associations(ICCTA) council. ICCTA council executive committee members and observers from China, the United States, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, among other countries, attended the conference.

Conference summary of ICCTA council conference held in June 2013 was passed. Members discussed the current operation and the future work of ICCTA. Vice Chairwoman Li Xiaoni addressed the conference. She introduced China’s chemical industry’s work in regard to responsible care, responsible distribution, enterprises’ social responsibility and third-party authentication.

On Nov. 19, Vice Chairwoman Li attended National Association of Chemical Distributors’ annual meeting. Over 300 representatives from the chemical industry all over the world attended the meeting.