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Official release of the Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Source:CCCMC Published:2017-11-03 Editor:

On 23 October, 2017, China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC) officially launched the Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber at the 10th ANRPC Annual Rubber Conference held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Following four years of collaboration, research and development, the Guidance is an important output under the China-UK Intergovernmental Collaboration on International Forest Investment and Trade (InFIT), which is part of Global Programme of Forest Governance, Market & Climate (FGMC), supported by the Department for International Development (DFID). 

The Guidance aims to improve the governance capacity of enterprises engaged in natural rubber investment, plantation and operation, to identify, prevent and manage economic, social and environmental risks encountered in the process of their operations. The Guidance is the first comprehensive and risk-oriented guidance in the natural rubber field, filling the gap of sustainable development standards literature for natural rubber plantation and processing industries.

The Guidance, for the first time, was officially presented through an international platform. As the most influential international conference in the field of natural rubber, the ANRPC Annual Rubber Conference attracted participants from 19 countries engaged in rubber production, processing, trade and research. The Guidance received significant interest and attention and was well supported by the conference participants.


Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber Presentation Ceremony, 10th ANRPC Annual Rubber Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Guidance release session comprised three components, namely an introduction of the Guidance, a Guidance presentation ceremony, and a guest speech. Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co. Ltd, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Yunnan State Farms Group Co Ltd., Vietnam Rubber Group, Vietnam Rubber Association, Ministry of Plantation Industries And Commodities Malaysia, Malaysian Rubber Products Manufacture’s Association, International Rubber Study Group and Global Witness were delighted and received the hard copies of the Guidance, presented to them by Vice Chairman of CCCMC, Mr. Liu zhonghui; Team Leader of UK-China Collaboration on International Forestry Investment and Trade Programme, Ms. Zhang Junzuo; Chairman of the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC), Mr. A. Ajith Kumar, and Secretary General of the ANRPC, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bich. The Guidance was highly appreciated by international institutions and non-governmental organizations that received the copy. These stakeholders highlighted their expectation that the Guidance would play an important role in promoting sustainable development of natural rubber. In addition, following the conference, positive feedback from upstream and downstream enterprises and stakeholders along natural rubber supply chain was received. Natural rubber plantation and processing enterprises from rubber producing countries, world leading tyre manufacturers, rubber associations and non-governmental organizations expressed their willingness for potential collaboration and their strong interest in using the guidance.

To effectively promote the implementation of the Guidance, the CCCMC project team is now working on the development of an operational manual and evaluation tool in accordance with the Guidance. In the future, CCCMC plans to organise training workshops on operational approaches of the Guidance and capacity building for enterprises, plantations and smallholders. The aim is to engage upstream and downstream enterprises along the natural rubber supply chain to actively promote responsible management of the natural rubber supply chain and contribute to the sustainable development of natural rubber.

CCCMC would like to extend their deepest gratitude to the expert team involved in developing the Guidance, as well as governmental departments, industrial agencies, non-governmental organizations and related enterprises for their valuable comments and suggestions during the Guidance development.

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Chinese and English version of the Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber