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CCCMC holds the 5th conference of the 6th executive council in Taizhou

Source:CCCMC Published:2016-12-23 Editor:
On Dec. 21st, 2016, CCCMC held its 5th conference of the 6th executive council in Luqiao District of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. CCCMC Chairman Chen Feng, Vice Chairman Yu Yi and Vice Chairman Liu Zhonghui attended the conference. Vice Chairman Liu Zhonghui presided over the conference. More than 50 people of 43 executive council members attended the conference.
Ministry of Commerce Special Commissioner in Hangzhou Li Ke and Deputy Mayor of Taizhou Zhao Yuejin delivered speeches. Luqiao District Deputy Governor Liang Miaofu attended the conference. 

The conference reviewed and approved the 2016 work report and 2017 work outlook, adjustments of the standing institution’s structure, mid-level personnel appointments and removals, the record of newly enrolled member companies, and the termination of the membership of certain member companies. Representatives to the conference actively exchanged views on business development and presented suggestions and advice on the work of CCCMC.
The conference completed all the items on the agenda and achieved its goals.

The conference also invited Professor Cui Fan of the University of International Business and Economics, Albright Stonebridge Group (China) director of board Jin Ligang, professional lecturer Huang Hongshan to give speeches on macro-economic situation, Sino-US economic relationship and business mode innovation. Representatives from 43 executive council members as well as over 30 companies of China Export Base(Luqiao, Zhejiang) of Plumbing Equipment, Sanitary Ware and Hardware and China Hardware and Building Materials Export Base(Yuhuan Valve) attended the lecture.