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CCCMC Vice Chairman Liu Danyang visits Israeli embassy in China

Source:CCCMC Published:2021-03-19 Editor:

On March 17, 2021, CCCMC Vice Chairman Liu Danyang, CCCMC Liaison Department director Yin Liyong and staff member Wang Dan visited Israeli embassy in China and held talks with Minister Counsellor Yair Albin, Head of the Israeli Commercial Mission to Beijing and trade directors Li Jin and Uton Li. The two sides exchanged views on further strengthening cooperation and promoting business exchanges between China and Israel in the fields of minerals, chemicals, building materials and hardware.


Minister Counsellor Yair Albin introduced Israel's national conditions, the work of Israeli offices in China and the trade with China in several industrial fields. He pointed out that Israel is rapidly becoming an important trade partner of China, and the momentum of economic and trade cooperation between China and Israel is good. Israel attaches great importance to the Chinese market, and has set up business organizations in five Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, ranking first in the world. In 2021, the Israeli embassy in China plans to build more communication platforms for the cooperation between Chinese and Israeli enterprises in the fields of business investment, chemical industry and mineral industry through the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry. Li Jin introduced the business projects on which the Israeli side intends to cooperate with CCCMC members.


Liu Danyang introduced the industry scope, membership, service fields of CCCMC and its recent work in promoting member enterprises to expand import and export trade and investment. He said that CCCMC is willing to give full play to the unique advantages of the industry organization, strengthen contact with the Israeli embassy in China, and carry out online and offline trade promotion activities jointly with the Israeli side. CCCMC will timely provide its members with the relevant project information recommended by the embassy, supply & demand and other information to promote economic and trade exchanges between CCCMC member enterprises and Israel. Liu Danyang also introduced the friendship activities between the foreign institutions in China and the elite entrepreneurs of CCCMC in 2021, and invited Minister Counsellor Yair Albin to visit the transformation and upgrading bases of China after the epidemic situation was completely under control.