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CCCMC Vice Chairman Liu Danyang visits the Commercial Counselor's Office of the Turkish Embassy in China at invitation

Source:CCCMC Published:2020-12-10 Editor:

On December 9, 2020, CCCMC Vice Chairman Liu Danyang and his colleagues visited the Commercial Counselor's Office of the Turkish Embassy in China and held talks with the Chief Commercial Counselor, Mr. Hakan KIZARTICI, and others.


Mr. Hakan KIZARTICI welcomed Liu Danyang and his colleagues, introduced the work of the Commercial Counselor's Office, and said that Turkey attaches great importance to economic and trade cooperation with China. The two countries have a large volume of trade and investment, especially in mineral resources, building materials, chemical industry and other fields. Turkey is located across Eurasian Continent and has a special and important geographical position. Enterprises of both sides have great space and prospects for cooperation. Members of CCCMC are welcomed to take part in professional exhibitions and investigate Turkey’s trade and investment markets. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the growth of trade between China and Turkey has slowed to some extent. At the same time, some policy problems have been encountered in the trade with China. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen cooperation.


Liu Danyang introduced the basic situation of CCCMC. CCCMC actively serves the related industries, is willing to help enterprises introduce high-quality products from Turkey and assist member enterprises in exporting their products to Turkey. CCCMC once organized enterprises to participate in Turkey's GrowTech agricultural exhibition. Turkey has rich business resources and there is a lot of room for cooperation between the two sides. CCCMC will promote Turkey's relevant trade policies to member enterprises, investigate the trade and investment intentions of member enterprises for Turkish products, and work together with the Counselor's Office to make accurate docking between Chinese and Turkish enterprises. CCCMC can reflect the problems encountered in the trade between the two sides to the relevant government agencies and do a good job of communication between Chinese enterprises and foreign parties. Liu Danyang also introduced the cooperative activities between CCCMC and other foreign embassies, suggested that the two sides jointly organize trade promotion activities, and invite Turkish ambassador and Chief Commercial Counselor to visit CCCMC at an appropriate time.


The two sides also exchanged views on the solutions to the policy problems encountered by Turkish enterprises in the trade of chemical fertilizers and chemical raw materials with China. They also agreed to establish a liaison mechanism to strengthen bilateral ties, and hold online policy promotion, enterprises docking and other activities at an appropriate time in 2021 to promote the development of trade between the two countries.


Commercial Counselors of the Turkish Embassy in China UGUR KILICARSLAN, Sezgin Taskin, CCCMC Petroleum & Chemicals Department director Zhang Airong, CCCMC Liaison Department director Yin Liyong and CCCMC staff member Li Qing attended the meeting.