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CCCMC Vice Chairman Liu Danyang visits Sri Lanka Embassy in China at invitation

Source:CCCMC Published:2020-07-21 Editor:

On July 16, 2020, at the invitation of Alexi Gunasekera, Commercial Minister of the Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, CCCMC Vice Chairman Liu Danyang and his delegation visited the Sri Lanka Embassy in China. The two sides exchanged views on further strengthening cooperation.


Minister Alexi Gunasekera welcomed the visit of Vice Chairman Liu Danyang and his delegation. He said, Sri Lanka attaches great importance to the economic and trade partnership with China. China has a large trade volume and investment in Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka has close cooperation with Chinese enterprises in the fields of port construction, mineral resources, building materials and chemical industry. There is still a lot of room for the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.


Liu Danyang introduced the basic situation of CCCMC, and suggested that the two sides should appoint contact persons, establish close contact, timely exchange the demand information of enterprises in import and export, and actively promote bilateral trade and investment. CCCMC is willing to assist Sri Lankan enterprises in attending conferences, making investments and having business meetings in China. Both sides may consider arranging investment promotion meetings and activities to jointly promote business cooperation.


Minister Alexi Gunasekera introduced Sri Lanka's unique commercial location and preferential foreign trade tax policies, and said that China can use the advantages to re-export to other countries from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a large demand for chemical fertilizers, daily chemical raw materials, dyes, etc., and is rich in mineral resources, such as heavy concentrates and zirconium ore. At present, Chinese enterprises mostly purchase raw materials in Sri Lanka. He hopes that Chinese enterprises can transfer deep processing industry to Sri Lanka. CCCMC is welcomed to organize enterprises to visit Sri Lanka. At that time, government officials and enterprises of both sides will be arranged to meet each other. The commercial office of the embassy also undertakes the function of assisting the government with invitation of tenders. It can sign a framework agreement with CCCMC for cooperation, and include the quality enterprises screened by CCCMC into the procurement traders list.


Liu Danyang pointed out that many Chinese mining enterprises invest abroad, and there is a lot of room for cooperation between the two sides. They can further communicate the specific information of their needs and arrange enterprises to visit Sri Lanka at an appropriate time. He also said that it is necessary to promote the signing of the framework agreement for cooperation as soon as possible, so as to have a high-level mutual recognition, which can reduce the blind cooperation of enterprises and avoid risks.


Jessica Han, Commercial Officer of the Sri Lanka Embassy, Yin Liyong, Director of the Liaison Department of CCCMC, and Chen Mingming, Director of the Minmetals Department of CCCMC, attended the meeting.