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2021 Foshan Online Docking Meeting
Source:CCCMC Published:2021-11-24

With a view to better carrying out the spirit of the executive meeting of the State Council of the Chinese Government to "support enterprises to negotiate and hold exhibitions online, take the initiative to grasp orders and promote cooperation", fully implementing the Party Committee of Foshan City and Foshan Municipal Government's decision and deployment on the overall promotion of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and supporting Foshan foreign trade enterprises to stabilize orders, open up markets, maintain market share, and expand customer resources, Foshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce and CCCMC make use of the resources of overseas cooperation units to hold a series of online docking meetings in a peer-to-peer manner through the ZOOM platform. 


Ceramics, metal profiles and hardware are the main export products of Foshan foreign trade. Turkey has a large population flow and a large market demand, which is an important export destination for ceramics, metal profiles and hardware. In order to help Foshan enterprises better develop the Turkish market and expand market share, Foshan Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base Online Docking Meeting (Turkey Station--Ceramics, Metal Profiles and Hardware)has been officially launched on November 22, 2021.


Foshan Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base Online Docking Meeting (Turkey Station--Ceramics, Metal Profiles and Hardware) relies on the resources of Turkeys professional exhibition organizers, business associations and other industry buyers. Professional Turkey buyers are invited to dock, including Foshan Kent Ceramics Co., Ltd., Guangdong Monalisa Trading Co., Ltd., Foshan Shiwan Eagle Brand Ceramic Co., Ltd., Guangdong Gani (Group) Ceramics Co., Ltd., Guangdong Overland Ceramics Co., Ltd., NEW ZHONG YUAN Ceramics Import and Export Co., Ltd. of Guangdong, Foshan Xingtaomei Aluminum Industry Co.Ltd., Guangdong Yihua Stainless Steel Aluminum Co., Ltd., Foshan NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO Co., Ltd., Foshan Tiansi Hardware Co., Ltd., and other foreign trade enterprises. CCCMC makes accurate matching according to the needs of enterprise exhibits and buyers, and realize the interconnection between buyers and sellers on the "cloud" through ZOOM online video conference system.


The purpose of this fair is to promote Foshan foreign trade enterprises to be industry segments-oriented, to obtain more professional, accurate and efficient procurement pairing, the use of mature Internet technology, accurate pairing for one-to-one cloud negotiations. It is expected that more than 200 accurate docking will be carried out in the 5-day online trade fair.


The purpose of this online event is to continue to implement the major initiative of the Chinese Government's Belt and Road Initiative and to carry out the spirit of foreign trade stabilization. It is hoped that foreign trade enterprises will conduct in-depth exchanges, explore business opportunities and reach more cooperation through the trade platform in this special period. It will play a positive role in ensuring that foreign trade enterprises resume normal production and operation as soon as possible during the epidemic.


The online docking meeting has officially started on November 22, 2021 and will end on November 26.