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The review of 2013 China International Agricultural EXPO

Source:CCCMC Published:2014-01-10 Editor:








2014 China International Agricultural EXPO
Date: Jul. 16-17, 2014
No.28 Shungeng Road,Jiana,China
China Chamber of Commerce of metals, minerals & Chemicals Importers
& Exporters (CCCMC)
²Exhibitors: there are more than 10000exhibition area in 2013 Expo,having attracted nearly hundred exhibitors from domestic and overseas, including CNAMPGC Holding Ltd, SinoFert, Jiangsu Huachang Chemical, SinoAgri, Qianhai Salt Lake Potash Co., Belarusian Potash Company (BPC), Xiyang Fertilizer, Taiwan Pepsi Co.,…etc.
²Audience: over 5000 professional visitors in manufacturing, distributing, research and developing of agricultural materials production from China and other countries such as Fiji, Thailand, Cuba, the Maldives,.etc, attended the exhibition to communicate the cooperation.
²Forum: During the exhibition, the Forum “Agricultural industry transformation and upgrading “was held. Industry experts, academics, government officials and business representatives exchanged views thoroughly on the opportunities faced, lessons learned and national policies in chemical fertilizers and pesticides industry.
²Activities: The Expo creatively set up "agricultural commodity bidding", "Customer matching guidance" and other activities, exhibitors sold products, visitors purchased goods with high quality and low price, The connection between production and marketing become one of the highlights and features, attracting a large amount of distributors and providers to participate.
1Powerful Combination
Joint event organized by the largest association in agricultural
chemicals industries and largest medium in agriculture.
2Support from the Government
Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM),
Shandong Provincial Government and Jinan Municipal Government are
all fully support the exhibition.
3Support from the Industry
Thousands of enterprises will participate in the exhibition including
household names like SinoAgri and SinoFert.
4International Festival
Promotion efforts will be made together by international partners,
MOFCOM branch offices, CCCMC Europe as well as renowned global
exhibition companies. International companies, like Belarusian Potash
Company (BPC), are confirmed to participate
5Professional Audience
Over 60000 audiences are all from sectors of fertilizers, biocides,
herbicides and seeds, including government authorities, logistics
companies, research institutions and service providers.
6Special Activities
Forums, seminars and meetings in related industries will be organized at
the time of exhibition. Products promotion and project introduction will
be arranged throughout the exhibition.
7Creative Service
Cloud concept will be brought into this exhibition. Information could be
requested via SMS and Email within the Cloud system, which can help
the exhibitor and audiences find the right match-up and ultimately
improve the outcome of exhibition.
8Business Match-up
Based on individual needs, one-on-one meetings can be arranged and
project incubator will also be introduced.
9Post-exhibition Service
Information of all the exhibitors will be categorized into the supplier
catalog of CCCMC, which will be circulated among international
purchasers that have connection with or come to consult with CCCMC.
Exhibitors will also receive the information sent by CCCMC and
Chemical Industry News/AgriGoods Herald covering their respective
industry both internationally and domestically.
Exhibition Scope
The scope covers seeds, biocides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, feeds,
feed additives, forage seeds, edible fungi, veterinary drugs, fishery drugs,
agricultural machinery, aquatic offspring, fishery machinery and gears
etc. All the above mentioned industry can be categorized into five major
1Fertilizers and Pesticides
2Feeds, Veterinary Drugs, Fishery Drugs
3Agricultural Machinery
4Seeds and Poultry
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Fax: 0086-108569288065882817
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